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Page history last edited by Alexandra Pittman 9 years, 4 months ago

This section provides our community with a space to describe current struggles with M&E, to gain feedback from each other, and to build knowledge and strategies for addressing common M&E practices and issues. Please post questions for others to comment on, offer your feedback and support, and share learning and technical resources that you have found useful in addressing M&E challenges posed.

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Alexandra Pittman said

at 8:03 am on Jun 17, 2011

The Oxfam Novib pilot test case study on the Most Significant Change (MSC) technique in Part 2 raised some interesting questions for reflection/sharing.

- How has MSC been used in your setting, and what have been the benefits and limitations?
- How can we best address the interpretive barrier between story collectors and the actual voices of change?
- How can we address power relations between story collectors and the actual voices of change?
- How can we address the power relations (informal and formal) during the ranking and selection of stories?

To read the case study in full, go to

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