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Violence against Women Indicators

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 Shelah Bloom. 2008. ‚ÄúViolence Against Women and Girls: A Compendium of Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators. USAID, Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG), Measure Evaluate.


This 252 page compendium of VAW indicators was initiated through a bilateral and NGO partnership to enhance information sharing of the current indicators used in development work across diverse contexts. The compendium starts by introducing measurement issues with VAW and presents a list of indicators that have been used in different programs, including thematic specific work, such as health, education, justice/security, and social welfare; highlights indicators for lesser documented areas, such as humanitarian emergencies, trafficking, and femicide, as well as shares indicators for prevention programs with different stakeholder groups, including youth, community, and boys and men. The aim is to provide organizations with a resource that may aid in the design and adaptation of their own indicators for unique projects. MEASURE Evaluate will be partnering with different local organizations to test the validity of different indicators and to provide more detailed information on adaptation for different contexts. 


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